Shannon Purser

Get Your Gorgeous On
Shannon Purser as “Barb” Holland from Stranger Things


Shannon Purser definitely landed on her feet in her breakout role in Stranger Things as Barbara “Barb” Holland. I had the opportunity to sit in on her panel at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne, last July. I found her to be a delight as she excitedly shared her experience in Stranger Things and now here she was in Melbourne, her excitement was contagious, and I found her to leave everyone with the warm and fuzzies as we were riveted listening to her.

Shannon Purser was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and is still a newcomer to the whole Hollywood scene but has fast become a favourite with fans.  She did well to land a role for Stranger Things, which is proving to be a massive whirlwind of success, having a loyal fanbase and an excellently put together show created by the Duffer Brothers.

Part of Shannon’s success is getting a role in a well written and produced period drama/fantasy. The character Barb became an instant hit with fans and Purser has not looked back since.


Shannon Purser on the right in Melbourne


As Stranger Things grows in popularity and a cult following is forming around it, Shannon Purser will be on people’s lips for some time as Barabara Holland is a fan favourite.

Stranger Things 2 is due out on October 27th on Netflix just in time for Halloween.