Men’s Shorts

The 1980s “short shorts.”


Men’s fashion does change as does the hemline of specific items in a man’s wardrobe, shorts would be one of the obvious ones. Staying away from the “short shorts” polyester look of the 1980s would be a good start, let us take a look at some measurements that may work for you.


Current length of shorts


Basically, the length of shorts is between 5 inches and 11 inches, realistically it is what the wearer feels comfortable in. Shorts for a lot of people are worn year-round, whether they go on a holiday or live in a warmer climate.

Styling ideas would be what suits the body type and fabric, colour or look that is desired.


Shoes and shorts style tips


There is nothing wrong with showing a bit of leg, the hardest part is what look to go for, whether for work, beach, out with friends or sport.

Don’t go too long or too short with a pair of shorts, an excellent shoe, keep to a neutral colour or denim and a splash of colour and your good to go.