Dinner with Tahmoh Penikett


On a balmy Adelaide evening, I was treated to a great night out at the Hilton for dinner with Tahmoh Penikett. With an impressive filmography list on IMDb his credits include Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural, he did not disappoint for a fun night out.

Tahmoh grew up in Yukon part of the Arctic Circle, is a Canadian actor that enjoys martial arts and wine. He has a strong physical presence about him as he joked that the TV show Supernatural is the land of giants (mind you I’m only 5’3′ so it wouldn’t be hard). He enjoys family and friends with a great zest for life. Actually, he was so gracious that I enjoyed the company of the girls with me to the point that it felt like a great girls night out as he entertained us with his stories.



As the night continued we all enjoyed talking about Adelaide’s wine, as myself and one of the girls hit the bar downstairs to get some specialist red wine from the region. I personally have a love for the wine which takes on the flavour of the eucalyptus where it is grown, giving it a fresh flavour. Tahmoh has a keen interest and understanding of cultures making him an interesting person to chat with.

He has a strong but relaxed presence about him and also appeared as Gadreel/Ezekiel on the show Supernatural. His acting is strong too and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet him. Hopefully, he will return to Australia much to the delight of his fans.


I hope you enjoy the YouTube clip, even though it is an amateur fan video, it lets his personality shine through.