Cycling can be enjoyed at any level of fitness, it can be fun for recreation or training for an amateur triathlon. Many cities now offer bike hire, whether it is free or a small hourly rate, cycling can become part of a fitness program.

Equipment can be as frugal or as expensive as desired. But before choosing the needed equipment some fitness goals and a simple program would make this process a bit easier. British Cycling in the United Kingdom has an excellent selection of plans and is worth looking at before starting.


The Essentials

A bike and helmet that is the correct size would be the absolute basics for beginning a fitness program.


Other Gear Checklist

A mobile phone is handy should you need it for safety or to contact people in general while out.

Water, to stay hydrated, some snacks and sunblock to prevent sunburn.

Comfortable, suitable clothing for riding, bike clothing can include padded shorts or clothes that wick moisture away from the body making for a more comfortable ride.


Maintaining a bike can include repairs and keeping the pressure in the tyres at the correct level. A bit of research on managing your bike is always a good idea or a good bike repair shop would be handy too.


Once the fitness kit for cycling is put together, putting a cycling program together is dependent on the fitness goals. Are the goals to enjoy a level of fitness or recreation, maybe an amateur triathlon or mountain bike riding is as simple as deciding what would be an enjoyable experience. Having simple goals, to begin with, would help fitness goals to be achieved as well as enjoyable.



Cycling could be enjoyed with others, making it a versatile sport. Joining a club or friends for an afternoon makes fitness a bit easier to fit into a busy lifestyle.