Arctic Circle


For the serious traveler, the Arctic Circle is becoming a must-see on the dream adventure bucket list. Indeed, the traveler is fast growing a new breed, taking in breathtaking sights, such as Mount Everest, Australia, Iceland and the Arctic Circle. We have also been on the road talking to global travelers the past few months, who are taking the plunge and doing travel their way, the lovely people we have spoken to have walked, cycled, driven and ridden their motorbikes all over the globe. These folks are living their lives their way and are refreshing to talk to. Shaking off the boundaries of what is considered normal, we have laughed, chatted, shared meals and amazing Australian evenings with these people, the privilege has been ours, hearing their stories, struggles, and triumphs as they take courage to live their dreams.

Two people who were making their way around Australia and New Zealand were doing it by cycling, one lovely girl from Germany was the sister of an athlete from the German Olympic team. As we chatted about their training to prepare their fitness and body for the journey, the also shared how they got their finances together to tackle the trip.

Part of the conversation turned to future adventures and dreams, which we discovered that the Arctic Circle was indeed on their list, but don’t take our word for it below is a YouTube clip sharing the adventures of a young man exploring his journey.



Simon is a professional photographer who is chronicling his story on YouTube. He is a Canadian who has been traveling North America, he enjoys his lifestyle, hoping to do more.

Another clip below is also from YouTube and gives us a glimpse of running part of the Circle.




Some of our family members have also explored the Arctic Circle, charting a helicopter and doing a walking tour.

Canada, Iceland, and the United States have regions in the Arctic Circle and the geography of the are is described on Wikipedia, if that is your thing. The Northern Lights can be seen in this area of the world, Alaska has tours and sightseeing trips which are guided by 1st Alaska Tours offering winter and summer experiences.



The wonderful thing about travel is that it can be as unique as the individual.