Flat shoes are an essential for a woman’s wardrobe for 2017/2018. The key to getting it right is how you wear them, to give the outfit a bit of a twist. This can be achieved by wearing sneakers or Converse/Vans style shoes with a dress or dressy flats that have a bit of flair with your denim. Taking an outfit up a notch and giving it a contemporary feel is achieved by going against slightly traditional rules. By rearranging outfits and giving them a twist of the unexpected fashion is refreshed and something new is discovered in ordinary items. Of course, maybe a pair of boots that have that unexpected look and are a treasured find will become a focal point by making them a focal point with subtle elements in an outfit, like a pair of jeans and an interesting shirt or a fitted Tee, the eye is drawn to the focal point of the outfit. Sometimes having too much going on presents exactly that, an outfit that is too busy and people are not sure what to look at or admire.



Pairing leather ankle boots with a skirt, dress or shorts, instantly creates the unexpected. An added accessory such as the Boater hat or a masculine cap, will add a bit more interest without looking like too much is going on.


5 essential shoes for any woman’s wardrobe would be;

  1. A sneaker or Converse/Vans
  2. A flat, such as a loafer, ballet or something dressy
  3. Heels
  4. A good pair of boots
  5. Summer sandals


This list doesn’t include items for working out or doing the gardening but would get a woman through life from grocery shopping, going to the beach, an evening out or looking well dressed for work. Good luck with finding treasures for your wardrobe.


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Images courtesy of Man Repeller and British Vogue