Kit Harington
Kit Harington image courtesy of Watchers On The Wall fansite


Born in London, Kit Harington has become one of the highest paid actors on television, thanks to the huge success of Game of Thrones. He is coming of age as he moves into his thirties with the availability of designer clothing and his figure has been kept slim and sculpted.


Icons of the ’90s

Kit Haringotn’s greatest asset would be his confidence and the way he carries himself, he reflects a retro style similar to that of Michael Hutchence and Marco Pierre White from that period. In confidence and style I can see a lot of Michael in him, when confidence was everything along with self-belief, in a time before the internet or even social media, confidence and self-belief would keep you on that path.  This I can add with a strong belief given that one of my closest friends used to mix for INXS, my friend, Edward Vermeer, was also the best man at my wedding when I married my late husband, Ewen. Confidence was a massive key for that time.



Sadly, Michael has sinced died but Marco is now regarded as one of the leading chefs in the world.


Kit Harrington Style



The basis of Mr. Harington’s style is he keeps himself slim and toned, while this may seem a bit obvious, putting the work in before styling oneself or any hairstyle is diet and exercise. His choice of workout clothes seem to be whatever he finds comfortable, from board shorts, trackie pants, a tank top or fitted tee, his workout wardrobe is what he finds comfortable to workout in (which makes sense).


Workout Gear

  • Track pants
  • Boardshorts similar to this Billabong style
  • A tank top
  • A Tee-shirt
  • Workout socks and shoes


It seems obvious but no workout equals non toned body. Workout gear is part of any man’s wardrobe who would want to look good.


Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

Before getting carried away with looking at watches, accessories, grooming and hair, lets take a look at basics to style a wardrobe that is in keeping with Kit Harington’s style.




Starting from the ground up, a decent range of boots are something that I have noticed while studying and researching for this article. I will add that shoes are something people always notice and are a back bone for a well-dressed man as well as forming an important step to a capsule wardrobe.

The minimum would be three pairs and made of leather. One in black, another dark brown or tan and even a pair of dressy ones like this example, which would look good for an evening out. Three pairs also allow them to be rotated, giving them an opportunity to be cared properly.

In the above photo, the boots are paired with classic dark denim wash, with the bottom of the legs turned up into a cuff, adding style and revealing the boot of choice.



Mr. Harington is a slim build and chooses fitted clothing for his style. Denim is a big part of his everyday personal wardrobe, taking into account that he works as an actor and his work clothes tend to be the wardrobe for whatever project he is working on.

His choice of denim is a classic denim jacket, usually in a vintage or dark wash and denim jeans in a vintage or darker shade wash. Likewise, his choice of style in denim is classic, not choosing rips or distressed looks but will occasionally choose a wispy pattern in the denim.

A couple of pairs of denim will fill your wardrobe nicely for a capsule wardrobe with the bonus of creating more looks than just one.



The theme to his wardrobe is fitted and classic touches, his jackets are consistent here. Of course, Ireland and Britain are cooler climates so sweaters (jumpers), jackets and cardigans help in layering and staying warm.

Classic fitted jackets in darker tones, such as khaki, dark brown/tan, grey or black, including a classic leather jacket, are part of the capsule wardrobe requirements. Two jackets would be great, a classic leather that can be dressed up or down and either a denim jacket or a slim-fit fleece jacket for casual wear.



Choose from slim-fit Tees, classic designs in slim-fit shirts, sweaters or a cardigan bring variety to this classic look. Classic designs are a favourite ranging from white to dark grey. These shades are neutral and easy to mix and match to create looks from casual every-day to smart, when the occasion calls for it.



Kit Harington uses his accessories well ranging from a watch to a scarf or the current trend of tinted sunglasses, he chooses aviators for his face shape.



A full head of hair is given a bit of freedom in movement and body. This hairstyle is a bit more than just a wash and wear hairstyle, to keep hair in top condition it would need treatments and regular trimming to prevent split ends. His facial hair is kept trimmed and groomed, in keeping with his neat, vintage look.


Wearing Ralph Lauren Polo top and vintage denim with tinted Aviators



The wardrobe at a quick glance;

  • Boots
  • Workout gear and sneakers
  • Jackets, at least two
  • Denim
  • A few tops and Tees to mix and match
  • Evening wear appropriate for the occassion
  • Accessories such as a scarf, watch or Aviators
  • Hair is shoulder length with movement in the hairstyle
  • Style is fitted and classic
  • Classic neutral tones as a base for pieces


Further Reading

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