Rating 9/10


Based on Stephen King’s novel IT, the film is scary. If scary is not your thing don’t go, having said that IT is a well crafted film and thriller/horror buffs will not be disappointed.

The stand out feature of Stephen King’s books is there is a story in there and that is one of his hooks, it’s not just  scary stuff but rather flawed characters, adversity and other elements are always key to his stories. IT is no different, which is based around a group of young children who are bullied or abused and struggling with some kind of issue in their personal life.

The film is based between 1988 and 1989, where a demon manifests in the form of a clown to wreck havoc and destroy lives.

Each child has a fear that the demon uses to build fear in them, ultimately each character must face a personal fear to try to destroy this evil.

The presentation of the 1980s for the setting of this story is well done. There is a lack of modern technology and includes hobbies of the day, music and film that were part of the pop culture of that era. There is a reference to the “New Kids on the Block” ( a popular band of that time) and a film title displayed on the local movie theatre.

The story unfolds well with an excellent performance given by Jeremy Ray Taylor who plays Ben Hanscom. A bit of a newcomer to the local township, Ben spends some of his spare time at the library, while he takes an interest in the history of the town.

The film is well paced, as the audience gets to know the characters and their lives. The lighting is done well creating depth and mood in the right moments, while mood is building and drawing us into the story.

Directed by Andy Muschietti, this is a film worth seeing at the local cinema, to get the full impact of a cinematic experience and excellent soundtrack.