Angelina Jolie for Vanity Fair

Let’s face it matte lips are dramatic. Which is a perfect option for fashion right now with retro and Instagram influences flooding the internet. Vanity Fair did a fantastic job with this cover of Angelina Jolie, using a matte lip, dramatic but well-defined eyebrows, retro winged eyeliner and a slight shimmer on the eyelid. The result is a contoured look which is excellent for evenings or when a dramatic, somewhat retro look is desired.

Angelina Jolie has that classic Hollywood look in this photo. However, other looks can be well carried off for matte lips. Dark oranges or reds and plums are good as are peaches, nudes and browns depending on the desired overall look. The detail that lifts Jolie’s dramatic look is the shimmer on the eyelid and a darker line for definition under the brow bone.


Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder


The above photo of Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder presents a darker option for those wanting a change from the standard red lipstick. Dark hues of cinnamon, browns or deep plums and purples give an edgy look that is both retro and contemporary at the moment.

These darker colours are intense, making them suitable for day or night, depending on the outfit or the desired look. The essential element is to remember to either make the eyes or the lips the focal point otherwise the visual effect is too busy.



For those of us who draw inspiration from retro looks, Marilyn Monroe is timeless. Her clear skin, dramatic eyebrows and eyelashes are the perfect backdrop for matte lips.  In these photos, she is wearing a peach for a day look and a brown hued lipstick that would suit an evening look.


Matte lipstick is going to be the next big thing and is available from Clinique or Estee Lauder plus several other makeup brands.