Patterned Pants and Skirts

Simple things can tweak a wardrobe, this season it is about keeping patterns on the bottom half of the body. Skirts and pants set against a simple Tee, shirt or a simple knit, will set off this look. Keep stocking or socks plain too, just to make the skirt, trousers or pants stand out. This is a simple tweak but mostly staying away from flowery blouses for example, that look out-dated, by all means if you love your lumberjack checked jacket don’t’ throw that away for a casual look, keep this years style easy and uncomplicated for an upbeat contemporary look.




Stick with whatever skirt or style suits you, pencil skirts or a wool mix trouser can look amazing too. For workout wear go with the leggings with the patterns to keep this style consistent.


Style Du Monde


Workout gear can look amazing and relaxed at the same time by adding patterned leggings with a spaghetti strap or a plain top to accentuate the tights. Keep hair and makeup simple for this look for an up to date look that is fresh and relaxed.


Adidas workout tights