Trends for 2017

What is trending and women’s fashion can sometimes be a challenge, not everyone has a limitless supply of time, energy or money to keep adding to their wardrobe. The other aspect to a woman’s wardrobe is not to look like a fashion victim either but to keep things fresh and on trend. Having a personal style also helps in this process, choosing what fits into that style helps as a guide rather than saying everyone should dress a certain way.

Here are a few trends that I will be sharing this week that are interesting.


Hats, with a bit of a twist. Instead of the boyfriend jumper a few, unexpected items look amazing this season and stand out from a Fedora or a boring beanie.

The Boater

The straw boater hat was popular in the 1920s, giving a stylish look to a man’s outfit. The were popular for the time and look stunning on women today. Below is an example of the 1920s fashion for men’s straw boater hat.





In today’s fashion the boater translates to a stunning piece for street or evening fashion for women. A straw boater teamed with denim and boots with a simple top, can be an eye-catching piece. The other option is similar to the picture below, when styled intelligently this hat takes an outfit for a date night or alfresco meal to a stunning level. By pairing a braided chignon, with some bling in her top (her nails are manicured) and a straw boater, the effect is stunning. Adding a contemporary flair to what would have been an overly feminine outfit, the effect is stunning.




We have also added a how to video below, courtesy of YouTube, for a tutorial to this versatile hairstyle.





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