Popular YouTube Chefs


Donal Skehan is over the half-million subscriber mark on YouTube and it’s no surprise. He is fresh and young living a travellers dream lifestyle while enjoying the flavours of the world. He is regularly featured on TV also with special series such as Follow Donal to Europe. He is also popular on various online news sites, such as The Irish Times, with this yummy Asian salad recipe.

As well as an avid traveller, Donal is regarded as an excellent food blogger and writer, with much on his YouTube video worth watching.

His YouTube channel is simply titled Donal while his blog can be found at donalskehan.com



This YouTube channel makes amazing burgers, they are famous for this popular dish, whether you want a burger with a beer or cider, they will help you on your way to success. ChefSteps is also the half-million subscriber mark on their channel which includes easy modern dishes for their viewers. This channel has some awesome tips for the wannabe cook or someone who wants to expand their skills in the kitchen. The video on making crispy pie crusts is invaluable as is their tips for meat and fish dishes. Excellent ideas for some amazing weekend dishes on this channel.



What a great idea! You Suck At Cooking will have you laughing as well as filling in some gaps of knowledge if the kitchen is a bit of a challenge for you. They take the shame out of not being an international success and you simply want a sandwich with some coffee. This channel is an inspiration without the intimidation, it is full of laughs as well as tips for some basic skills in the kitchen to ensure a yummy meal and beverage. Seriously, if you have no skill in the kitchen, this would be a good place to start.


This is a quick round-up of 3 popular chefs with now taste buds rolled in with a lot of fun and inspiration. Enjoy!