by Michelle O'Toole   February 23, 2017


Sometimes a makeup artist needs a muse, someone who points them in the direction that they wish to go. This year is that example. Instead of a definitive look, let us look at a style that came about by experimenting. Stevie Nicks, known for her musical talent, both as a solo artist and in the band Fleetwood Mac, Ms. Nicks experimented with her look early on in the 1970s. Her eyeshadow was reflective of the 1960s lines, which were made famous by Twiggy and her overdrawn lips, borrowed from the 1920s and Marilyn Monroe. The overdrawn lip is also known as the bee sting lip look, which primarily looked smaller but became larger over time until it was overdrawn over the lips.

Stevie Nicks look is a beautiful combination of glamour with a bit of hippie and bohemian thrown in.


The Look

I love Stevie Nicks who is the ultimate in glamour and femininity. Ms. Nicks look is bold, embracing a wild head of hair to frame her petite face. Her feature all come into play with choices of soft colours to bring balance. Ultimately the work on her eyes draws you to that part of her face, which is ideal for a vocal artist, giving an air of mystery which aligns itself with the idea that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Her lips are indeed full but usually in a softer colour, giving the impression of a pouty feminine look without taking focus from her beautiful eyes. Glamour and beauty abound around this beautiful woman and her glamourous look.


The Eyes





The photo above is an example of the 1960s drawn lines, using eyeshadow, a technique used by the model Twiggy. At times Ms. Nicks makeup is a softer version of the example but there is still definition in her eye makeup. Also, false eyelashes or eyelash extensions were not overly used either, which I do prefer because with all things a look comes, ultimately evolving to the bigger and better part of human nature. But I do think it is starting to look ridiculous like someone has perched a front porch on their face, the eyes are the gateway to the soul, not somewhere we sit under in the heat of summer to enjoy some shade.


The Lips


Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot


Bee-stung lips of the 1920s gave way to the overdrawn lips of the 1960s. I love this look, which again, is a change from what we are seeing at the moment. The overdrawn lip is a departure from some current looks drawing the lips width wise across the face, to the point that I think sometimes some women appear like the Joker from Batman. The overdrawn lip fills the face drawing the eye up and down the face, with the emphasis on the eyes, giving a feminine glamourous look rather than drawing the eye out to the side of the face.


Colours for 2017

Ms. Nicks look ties in nicely with colours for makeup this year. With a lot of colour coming through in fashion and sitting around the face the ultimate goal is glamour and beauty, not a clown look that is comical because of too much colour in makeup on the face.

Lip colours will sit around browns and nude lips plus I think a sheer gold lip would look ideal for evening wear.

For bold lips, please refer to my bold lip article.