Linda Bootherstone: Into Africa With a Smile


Linda Bootherstone was born in England, emigrating to Australia as a “Ten Pound Pom” in the late 1960s, as part of the immigration scheme at the age of 23. Linda had a keen interest in motorbikes as a teenager, which continues today. She met two other English girls in London, who were also coming out to Australia. They travelled for 2 and 1/2 years around Australia, when her family notified her that her father was unwell, Linda returned to England to see her father. After her father’s  passing, she decided to take a BMW motorbike to Africa, which leads to an 18-month adventure on this motorbike.

Linda’s memoir is an experience of a young woman who wanted to explore the world she found herself in. She found herself unafraid to ask for help when she needed it as she prepared for her African adventure.



Into Africa With a Smile takes the reader on an adventure with Linda as she bucks convention and went exploring across a vast country. This story includes people she met along the way, the mishaps and things she did to prepare for her trip. It is a time when Africa was not without its challenges and provided the author with experiences that brought about her putting pen to paper to share an incredible journey for any person to undertake.

I found the book unique, which is wonderful in a time when finding lesser known authors challenging. The book is self-published but is worth a read and look at if adventures are an inspiration for the reader. It makes an excellent read over a weekend.


Into Africa With a Smile can be found on Amazon both in print form and also available on Kindle.

Further information about Linda Bootherstone can be found on her website Linda Playing Up.