Split Movie Review


Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, Split stars James McAvoy. M. Night Shyamalan has a mixed following, some people love his stuff while others don’t care for his style. His films have been a bit quiet lately and here we see a return with this psychological film about a troubled individual.

What I liked about this movie was M. Night Shyamalan bringing a gritty story that we don’t see very often. This troubled individual is played by James McAvoy in a convincing manner. The story slowly reveals the different personalities, which I liked, it gave the movie some depth because all the information is not revealed to the viewer up front. Which is typical of Shyamalan. If you are a fan of this director’s work then this film is worth seeing.

The people and their lives are what makes this film work. Comparing different personalities, not just in the protagonist, it also reveals the life of his therapist and her life choices to bring her where she is in the individual with 23 personalities. The psychological view of this film interesting with the focus on individual personalities. IMDb gives a little more detail on trivia on their website. While this film does seem to explore the disturbing nature of human weakness, that could be the point also. People are sometimes pushed beyond their limits at times, which impacts on them as an individual. The performance by James McAvoy is intense and dramatic, which draws the viewer into this world of split personality disorder.

For me, I enjoy a story that doesn’t reveal itself straight away. That where this man lives, to his childhood is slowly told to us. These kind of storylines are intense, they don’t take the viewer on an easy journey but that is the point to thriller/horror, it is meant to be disturbing and a little frightening. My personal favourite is The Village and Split doesn’t disappoint. I would classify this as a bit more of a popcorn movie with a 4/5 rating. Worth a watch if going to the movies is what you want to do this weekend.