Justin Theroux



Justin Theroux. Sometimes there is something about the bad boy image. The one that is soaked in adrenaline, with whom you always have a good time even if it is swimming with sharks.

Mr Theroux is seen at fashion weeks regularly, he also keeps himself slim and looking good. What does this information all mean? Well, these good looks don’t just happen, it requires discipline, with exercise added to a lot of personal flair. Denim looks great on him, while his formal look is fitted. His Tees are also a slim fit, while pairing them with different boots and accessories. His wrist jewellery looks masculine and classic, in a tough kind of way.

Mostly his style is a classic bad boy look with a  lot of contemporary fashion thrown in. The good news would be if a guy kept himself in shape, a wardrobe like this would be easy to look after or maintain. Classic pieces such as a collection of Tees, denim and biker jackets really never go out of style. Adding accessories plus interesting shoes or boots keep everything looking up to date.

Quick tips for getting this look;

  • Stick with classics for basic wardrobe items
  • Accessories are a must
  • Keep to his look with a slim fit
  • Fine knit jumpers suit this style
  • Don’t ignore shoes or boots
  • Keep contemporary items rotated to look updated



Not forgetting sunglasses, this bad boy look is social and fun. If your keen on men’s fashion do go to a few fashion events and put your best foot forward.