by Michelle O'Toole February 2nd, 2017


Super Bowl is upon us once more and the fun part  is still ahead. Planning food and inviting people over. Of course other options are inviting friends out and meeting up somewhere that is airing the Super Bowl while also offering some great food and drink. However you choose to do it, either going out or having people over, the best thing is to pick what works for you.

If you decide to just grab snacks from a store we have a couple ofpointers over on the article Zero to Hero in 60 seconds. Alternatively some of these blogs offer some nifty recipes and ideas, if cooking is your thing and one that provides a couple of tips on ordering your food to enjoy the game at home.

for the love of all things delicious

This cute little blog has some recipes for those who want to try their hand at snacks for a few or a crowd. There are also a few beverage recipes to experiment with as well.

Check out for the love of all things delicious for some eye candy and inspiration.

The Frugal Hausfrau

If you are about easy and lazy this crockpot recipe by The Frugal Hausfrau is ribs done via the crockpot. Good idea if time is an issue, however, allowing the cooking time would be the only problem because if the recipe isn’t started in time, the ribs won’t be ready. Nibbles, beer, crunchy rolls, and salad would go well with this dish, to provide crunch beverage and some flavour.

The Kitchn

Not technically a blog but a foodie magazine, The Kitchn has some cute recipes for Super Bowl snacks that are shaped like a football. This great little article has been reblogged everywhere by bloggers and is a bit of hit at the moment.

For something a bit simpler, there is also their article pizza sticks, while not as adventurous, they would be simpler to prepare. The pizza sticks offer a pop of colour off the plate while being easy finger food. A couple of winners by The Kitchn for foodies.


Muffins and Magnolias

If cooking up a storm isn’t for you but entertaining at home is the plan, Muffins and Magnolias has some tips on ordering before it’s too late. The article “Don’t Wish Later You Had Called To Get It Catered” has a few links and ideas while reminding readers that the popular places would have received orders by now.

The is also an article on this blog about serving chili for Super Bowl with some tantalising looking recipes.