Kevyn Aucoin Black Dahlia lipstick
Kevyn Aucoin Black Dahlia lipstick


by Michelle O'Toole     January 5th, 2017


Lipstick fashion changes year in and year out, with this year being no exception. A bold lip for makeup is a classic look, that is easy to carry off with a few tweaks to keep it contemporary. Before applying that bold makeup look, the foundation of your look needs to be tweaked much like a painter and his canvas, the skin needs to be dewy and hydrated. This is achieved by regular cleansing, exfoliating a couple of times a week and rotating the moisturiser needed, which is dependent on the season. Currently for summer I am using a light aloe vera gel for moisturising my skin during warm weather with a light BB cream for extra moisture protection, including a broad-spectrum SPF in the BB Cream, perfect for the face and lightly applied to the neck area as well.

Once the skin and foundation are applied on light, natural makeup looks are needed for the bold lip. Keep the eyebrows neat as this is a clean look where the lips are the focal point of your makeup. In the evening, to take the look from day to night by adding eyeliner, mascara and well-groomed eyebrows. A bit of shimmer along the top of the cheekbone would also add interest.

With these basic tips choosing a bold lip colour or a couple of lip colours that match your wardrobe and style is the next step.


This Seasons Lips

This seasons lip colours are seeing a return to the ’90s brown and earthy tones. Some evening lip colours also include dramatic plums for those with dark hair and colouring.

To make these looks more personal I have put together some ideas for different colouring. A good lipstick can be expensive and if two are needed then knowing what will suit you and your look will save money and time in the long run.

What is Your Style?

Do you like to match what you wear with your lipstick? Or do you work towards an overall look, like a timeless classic style, for example. Knowing what style you want to achieve will help in choosing a lip colour to suit you. Having an understanding of personal style while achieving contemporary styling makes staying stylish easier.

Your Colouring


For those with deep warm colouring such as auburn hair, deep red or black-brown hair colours with dark, green or hazel eye colouring can carry off deep bold colours beautifully.


Tom Ford in Wild Ginger for a stunning alternative to red.

Tom Ford in Dark and Stormy a deep brown lipstick.

Tom Ford in Violet Fatale for a beautiful deep grape colour.


For deep cool colouring, including grey hair, black and medium brown with black, dark brown and dark hazel green eyes these colours would work for you.


NARS in Mona is a neutral reddish-brown colour that would be a safe shade to start with.

Kevyn Aucoin in Black Dahlia is a stunning colour that would set well with a crisp white dress.

Oribe in The Violet would be a dramatic evening colour with silver or by day with a vintage Tee.


Medium to dark golden brown hair or hair with red highlights; eye colours would include blue, green or topaz. The following lipstick colours would suit you.


Mariah Carey by MAC in I Get So OOC

Bite Beauty Multistick in Anise

Elizabeth Arden in Coral Crush

These colours are not too deep or dark to clash with this particular colouring. They add drama and boldness whether for work or casual, picking the shades that are the desired look you want while giving a lift to your wardrobe is the result that will make your look work.


Colouring that is softer, such as blondes or lighter redheads need a slightly lighter hue against their fair skin. The same ideas can apply a brown lipstick or a orangey based lipstick, just try before you buy to avoid a clown like makeup. The lipstick colour needs to enhance your face not overwhelm it.


Loreal in Cream Oud Obsession

Yves Saint Laurent in Extreme Coral

(The Yves Saint Laurent lipstick is part of the Rouge Volupte collection)

Maybelline in Rum Riche


Styling doesn’t just happen by having an idea what suits your colouring will help your makeup look professional and unique.