Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Boy

Jimmy Barnes Working Class Boy


Jimmy Barnes is a rock legend in Australia. Born in Scotland, his family came to Australia as part of the immigration scheme of the time for people wanting a new life outside of the UK. The United Kingdom had suffered during WW2, with rationing continuing on into the 1950s. Families were concerned about the future of their children and employment opportunities. Amongst the struggles of daily life were poverty, violence, and unemployment, which at the time seemed to be growing daily.

Jimmy’s family moved to Elizabeth, which was a planned satellite city away from Adelaide, South Australia. It was the beginning of a new way of life, new apartment buildings, parks, play areas, shops and a safe train system that stretched the entire city from the CBD, created hope in a generation that had experienced loss and the horror of the second world war.

The possibilities were boundless and the fruits of those times are evident. Some of that generation have indeed left their mark and help shape Australia into the nation it is today.

Working Class Boy (as told by Jimmy Barnes or Barnesy an Australian nickname for him), is a memoir of the challenges of his childhood. His father a well-known boxer in Scotland made the decision to move his family to Australia. But their family life had challenges, including his mother finding herself victimised in a domestic violence situation.

This memoir of growing up with the desire to do something with his life, includes his love of music. Music became part of that experience, opportunities to have a go at something were seized upon, despite adversity faced.

Along with the collaboration of this memoir, Jimmy has put a show of storytelling and song together to bring a new dimension to this book. These evenings with Jimmy and his band are called Stories and Songs. A lot of detail is currently up on his website, including a blog and the upcoming dates for a nationwide tour, taking in Tasmania, not just the mainland. The Jimmy Barnes website includes links to his social media, a blog and the link to book tickets for the Stories and Songs show plus a couple of others he has available. The tour continues through to February.