Editor’s Pick: MacGyver is a reboot of the older series which starred Richard Dean Anderson. This new version looks promising, having retained a loyal fan base. Not forgetting references to MacGyver over the years on The Simpsons. This new MacGyver stars Lucas Till as young Angus “Mac” MacGyver who relies on his problem-solving skills to save lives. MacGyver could do well if Lucas keeps his confidence while having a bit of fun and relaxed attitude with it to make it his own and keep the fans.

The fans are excited with Nick on the blog The MacGyver project sharing an in-depth blog post about the new show. Worth a read.




Red Dwarf


Red Dwarf is officially out of the hanger, the patience of the fans has paid off and they are loving all that it has to offer. This season is promising for fans who will not be disappointed. There are many a loyal fan out there. Check with your local provider as some channels have not picked up the series. In Australia, the rights have been bought by Foxtel. Contact them for further details.




Alaska State Troopers

The National Geographic hit series Alaska State Troopers is still going strong. It has also inspired a game as the show documents the daily struggles of life in extreme weather and crime. Alaska is a state of the USA on the furthermost northwest extremity of the Americas.




The Exorcist


Scary comes to TV in this horror genre series. Don’t watch this alone. We did speak to an 80-year-old priest about this who said it’s not the demons he is scared of but rather the lack of unbelief. He said people meddle in forces they do not understand. Just leave a light on at night if you watch it.



Once Upon A Time


The hit series Once Upon A Time does not fail to deliver. Continuing stories from the era of fantasy and fairy tale it shows characters as they are in a good vs. evil scenario. The classic Evil Queen looks amazing and is challenged by the good around her, that she is at odds with. The elusiveness of her soul longing for something she cannot have, desiring it none the less.



Blue Bloods


Season 7 continues the story of a family working in the New York Police Department. This crime drama explores the challenges they face and moral issues that surround them in contemporary New York