Jordan Barrett




Jordan Barrett is in his late teens but making a big splash in the modeling scene. Aside from the interviews, fashion weeks and working, he embodies the Aussie good looks of surfers from days of old. Let’s take a look at his fashion style.


The Australian lifestyle is favourable to living and exercising outside. Barrett has that je ne sais quoi of Australian surfers from the ’70’s, which even today a generation in their 60s are fit and enjoying their sport. A little-known beauty secret of the Aussie surfer that you have to be attentive to learn is most are not natural blondes. They experimented with colour from a bottle, but most discovered that wetting their hair, before hitting the beach, then placing a tiny amount of peroxide to a cotton ball, then applying it to the hair, gave the natural sun kissed look they were after. This technique combined with the salt from the sea and sunshine gave them that blonde surfer locks they were trying to achieve (They didn’t apply peroxide every day, just until the desired colour was achieved). Barrett has that same full head of hair and sun-kissed colour.


His style is vintage but fun; his accessories are minimal and he sports the no socks look regularly. Likewise, his eyebrows are full, as are his lips. Some products can be bought and that applied like lip balm plump the lips, making them appear full and soft.


Barrett’s neutrals tend to be towards the darker side, ranging from grey to black. He does sport a white Tee or faded surfer Tee with his denim. His style is rounded out with the athletic look and he gives his outfits his own personal touch.


To follow Jordan Barrett on Instagram his account is iblamejordan.