Intermittent Weather


A woman’s wardrobe is an expression of her as a person as well as being functional for her needs. Items should not be bought haphazard, with the emphasis of “that will do”. Dropping $100 or more on a bland black work jacket is not an investment. In fact, I would prefer to buy something vintage, that is a quality piece than spend money on something that is on the par with blah.

Take a holistic approach to building a wardrobe. Consider if an item is to be long term, an investment piece, fast fashion or dressing appropriately for work. These are all very real needs. As we extend our looks and ideas to get the most out of woman’s wardrobe, we will address some needs first.

Fabric; sure a basic black jacket is something to wear but so is a plastic garbage bag in the rain. Is the fabric interesting? Does it have texture? Is it knobbly both in looks and feel, possibly creating interest? Is it wool or a cotton blend that is a nice finish?

Fit; does it sit well? From the arms or neckline and then analyzing the length.

Finish; take note of the stitching, workmanship and hems. Are these professional or are there loose threads everywhere? Is the appearance of the fabric flattering and interesting or just flat and boring? Does the item have interesting buttons or an interesting design that makes it worth buying?

With these points in mind, finding pieces to add to a wardrobe become a bit easier. For trans-seasonal ideas that help to extend and breathe new life into looks, here are some tips for this season.

  1. A light cardigan, throw or shawl.
  2. Layering items. By adding leggings, stockings or boots that match an outfit.
  3. Adding a jacket over a dress will extend a look for a few more weeks.

Add flats to a dress for smart casual or a medium heel for work. Ankle boots with leggings or stockings under a dress work well or just adding boots to denim to take it from summer to fall.