Evening Glamour


Evening wear can be an oversight in a woman’s wardrobe but evening events are a part of our modern life. Events such as going out with friends for a coffee to a black tie work function are important life occasions.

Having some standby items helps and can be put away to use when needed.

Princess Mary was recently featured in the Australian Women’s Weekly, wearing a blouse with a full satin skirt. The colour matches nicely, being in the same group, giving the evening look a modern twist.

Elsa Hosk went all out in glitter, shimmering on the red carpet.

Peter Morrissey matches lace and a pleated skirt for a feminine touch.

All of these looks provide some inspiration. Having a handbag or shoes in a collection are a handy standby. To take an outfit from relaxed to wow can only need some careful grooming, a bit of sparkle or interest with accessories and good shoes with a clutch to match.

Some basic evening outfits over a year might include;


  • Going out for a light meal
  • A family celebration or a wedding
  • Black tie
  • A date night
  • Movie with friends
  • A birthday
  • A festival or theater
  • A work event


Having items that are in circulation in a woman’s wardrobe for evenings helps to take the stress out of getting ready. More importantly, it helps to make a good impression and to dress appropriately.