A good corporate look for a woman does not happen by chance nor does it happen overnight. A corporate look is not the place for ripped denim, even if you own your own business. Ripped denim is an off-duty look. Not everything in business is written in black and white for all to see; there is unwritten etiquette in how to present oneself. It is a conservative world and to break dress code will end with a person not been taken seriously.

This month for a blog highlight, we are looking at the fashion blog Atlantic/Pacific. Her style is feminine and classic, half of the looks she blogs about would be appropriate for the office. A formal business meeting would be an exception, where it is advisable to wear something with a collar.



If denim is to be worn, it is best to go with a darker denim, not a faded or acid look. The denim should be neat and either jeans or a denim skirt would be acceptable if a smart casual look is required.


A work wardrobe is an investment for a man or woman. Items need to be kept clean and look maintained. Having a wardrobe that includes the items would be a good idea;

  • A skirt
  • A suit, either pant or skirt and a blazer
  • A dress
  • Neat denim
  • Either a blouse or shirt
  • Two tops that coordinate with other items
  • Dress pants
  • A cardigan which matches the dress
  • One piece of lightweight knitwear, again suitable for the office
  • At least two bags and two shoes that coordinate
  • Accessories


These items mixed and matched will offer different looks for the office. Buy a few pieces as needed and keep current.