7 reasons to Fish



There was a time when fishing was considered a job. Is it not the case today? It is. But there are many people on the river bank who are fishing not to earn their living but rather to enjoy the experience. And they do it occasionally.

There can be a number of thrills that attract someone to catch fish at a calm edge of water. These thrills can be the thrill of actually catching a fish with their own rod. “Wow. I got a fish of the day. Bravo!”

And there can be other thrills also. For example, it can be seeing one of your best mates not getting a single fish for the day. Hurrah! I won.

But think about it. Can’t it happen that your friend gets the fish but not you? What will happen then?

Fishing makes us social

Fishing gives us time to be with our friends. We bring our friends closer to us by going out on such recreational activities like fishing and make new friends at the same time. It helps us in becoming a thankful member of society by spreading positivity and friendliness.

Fishing Releases Your Stress

Fishing is healthy because it takes you away from your problems for some time. The time you spend fishing is the time you spend peacefully. Sitting on the bank calmly is the exactly opposite of what our daily life is on working days, hurrying from one chore to another.

Fishing is good for the environment

When an angler buys a licence for fishing, he is funding various wildlife safety programs. Through these licences they fund the right of natural resources to remain on earth with us and help us live a better life.

It reduces our screen time

Although, nowadays every human activity is contaminated by different types of screen time. We can take a break, with someting like fishing.  Screen time can be limited by outdoor activities like fishing. This helps us in giving ourselves some time to live naturally and leave technology behind.


Fishing is a healthy activity. It stimulates us to move around and be active. This helps us to lead a healthier, active and disease-less life.

An unlimited opportunity

The hobby can be taken up by every kind of person, regardless of their age, gender or occupation. Children enjoy fishing as much as elders. Those whose favorite hobby is to lie on a sofa and watch television could also enjoy fishing. This skill is not related to some personality types. Its an all-time favourite activity.

Fishing is rewarding

The most delicious part of fishing is tangible and edible reward we get from it. Yummy dinner!