10 items to get a man through the next season.

1. The hat. Your choice of cap, hat or knit. Just make sure you have at least one.
2. A set of low cut socks. Sets off that naked ankle ‘look’ nicely.



3. The minimalist fitted v-neck sweater. So we can all admire you.


4. The distressed denim is bigger than ever. The more distressed the better, that is the denim not you.


5. White bottoms are big this season. Think fitted pants, shorts, whatever works.


6. A Tee. Striped, vintage or soft cotton is up to you. More fitted or slim fit is the choice here, not baggy.


7. An on trend shirt. One that screams you, just not too loudly.


8. A zipper bomber styled jacket. You could wear a hoddie under it for a cool-guy layered look.


9. Fitted or slim fit sweat pants and top. For relaxing, errands and generally looking good.


10. The sneaker to finish it off. The styling is low key for everyday wear. Think about the movie Grease and those retro styled footwear.



There is some easy styles to get you through the season without too much effort but great style.

Photo credit for most of the photos was sourced from the clothing website Forever 21.