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The Academy Awards season is here. The Revenant has been nominated, including the prestigious award for best picture.

The award for Best Picture is also coveted because it is a representation of what film has expressed for that year. The director Alejandro G. Inarritu discusses this particular scene with the New York Times in the above video link.

The film also features Leonardo DiCaprio in a strong role and it is wonderful to see his talent in full range as his character, Hugh Glass. DiCaprio has had a strong but slightly reserved  strength as an actor in his earlier roles from the Titanic and Romeo + Juliet. I personally have the bias that to see him in such a strong lead, such as Hugh Glass, is encouraging for Hollywood. It is a representation of having a strong hold on the arts and not just for entertainment.

This is a powerful movie with the scenes being stark and strong, much like the environment is for this story. Hopefully, we will see the Academy recognise a dependable career and path that DiCaprio has forged, both as an artist and for the box office. He is indeed an artist and contemporary icon for Hollywood.

The film The Revenant is based on the life of Hugh Glass, who was an American frontiersman and explorer. Like many of that time, people wished for a better life in the new world. The challenges were the attitudes of the old world and exploring the dangers before them. The film has a few themes, such as revenge and its negative outcome on an individual’s life. For those that enjoyed the film and background, there is a documentary available titled A World Unseen. The documentary runs for 44 minutes.



The Revenant has enjoyed great success this award season. The film has received 12 nominations for the Academy Awards, including the category for makeup and hairstyling.