This year we are looking at the strong trend ‘Retro’.

Partly I want to look beyond a red lip and pale skin makeup look, which I might add, has been done to death. Some of these looks are not accurate because some of the colours had a lot of orange in them and a rose coloured pink lipstick was the best selling item for years.


Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are iconic makeup looks, yet so many get it wrong.

The big look was not lips, it was the skin. Ponds cold cream and translucent compact powder were part of a ladies beauty routine. I still remember my Grandmother educating me on the importance of a woman’s skin.

Therefore, the skin is the first step, preparing a canvas if you will.

Then the eyes framed with a strong, dark eyebrow. This strong look continued to the liquid eyeliner and false eyelashes. Strong neutrals would define the eyes.

The lips were finished in a matte neutral or pale lipstick, as opposed to a strong lip because the work is in the eyes and the skin. Sticking to the rule either lips or eyes are defined.




This is a beautiful interpretation of Retro done by Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist. This photo was posted to her Instagram and shows a good use of matte/translucent and shimmer.

The shimmer on her eyes draws attention to that area giving it the strong accent. The lips are finished in a matte lipstick pushing them back but keeping them full and defined.

This is my choice for the red carpets this year.


We have added our podcast via Michelle O’Toole (That Makeup Chic). I will be talking about and walking through this look in the upcoming week.

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