Zero to Hero in 60 seconds: Super Bowl 50



The Super Bowl is just around the corner, this weekends corner in fact. Are you planning to have friends over? We are presuming your home is the clean standard your happy with but what about food and drink?


If you don’t have food or snacks in the house can you preorder on the Internet? Don’t order on the day if you want a supermarket to deliver and check delivery days.

Have something crunchy and savoury and some sweet stuff or pick a theme like Mexican food. Have drinks or beverages on hand too. If there was the ultimate job opening it would be for ice, there is never enough ice.

Presuming you have all that sorted what to do on the day?

The key is decanting (unless it’s beer most people prefer the bottle).




Have your table or coffee table sorted. Grab your goodies and put them on plates or platters or big bowls or small bowls. To give it a designer look pick a theme, coordinate. Think combos like glass and white or flower/stripes or blue. Matching is the hero.

Glasses and paper napkins and your good to go.