Worth A Read: Relationships

imageWe all have relationships. It could be your boss, so that’s a working relationship or the regular cafe you go to as the start to your day, that could be a lifesaver relationship. Friendships, acquaintances, parents, children and a spouse, are relationships that can be part of life.

Here are some websites and blogs that offer different advice.




Developing fantastic friendships is an article by the Dummies brand. They pride themselves on making life easy.



Cultivating friendships has some interesting tips on keeping and enjoying people in a digital era.



The Loop Lyfe shares thoughts on Valentines Day with a group of friends and not a partner. It’s a good read.



Life Hacker offers advice on what works for them.



Author Gretchen Rubin shares her article maintaining friendships.


There you have it a relationship roundup, just find what works for you. The other challenge is to find friends. Joining a group such as a golf course or yoga group could help. Social media is fun but so is a cup of coffee with a friend.