Retro Outdoorsman


The Retro Outdoorsman is characterised by natural fabrics and colours. Natural fabrics include cottons and wool. Colours include blues, greens, tan and browns, soft greys and a pop of red or yellow.

The daywear for the ad includes blue denim, a wool fisherman’s knit and a long oilskin coat. Either a blue or a red checked shirt would work and accessories included a cap, workman boots and a backpack. The emphasis is on traditional wear that is dependable as well as endurable with natural comfort for the wearer.

When watching the film clip the evening wear is quite striking. The outdoorsman look is high end also but in a traditional sense. Traditionally the tartan kilt is made of natural fibres. This includes wool for the kilt and the dress jacket by adding a bow tie the look is crisp and formal. Traditional footwear completes the look.