Retro Contemporary



The gentlemen that like the contemporary look are in line with David Beckham’s taste. He does dress appropriately for the social occasion at hand.

Day wear includes clean lines and denim, which are on trend. Tees, leather and tan accessories complete this look.

The man that likes the contemporary look would have his wardrobe divided up into activewear, daywear and other occasions that fill his life and appropriate to his lifestyle.

The contemporary would have a casual wardrobe containing a collection of leather jackets, ripped jeans and Tees. Footwear is big, desiring road boots for outdoor activities to casual workmen boots for an evening at an alfresco cafe to shoes he would like for activities such as golf. This style pays close attention to on trend accessories.

The contemporary look has edgy hardcore pieces that would be favourites for off-duty wear leading into tailored shirts, bow ties and a more formal look for evening wear.

The evening wear in the clip includes a velvet dinner jacket. This look is toned down by the colour green. By choosing a dark green or dark blue the look is very close to black but giving it a current twist.