Stay Fit over the Holiday Season

As mentioned in the blog roundup for December, focusing on fitness is a great idea for the holiday season. Enjoy the season and your friends and family but don’t forget those fitness goals. Here are some tips to keep things on track.



Christmas Treats

The holiday season shouldn’t just be about food, it’s also a time to catch up with people. If you give in to temptation don’t stock a pantry for 400 people. Instead make a note of local cafes or restaurants that have made an effort to look attractive for the season. Catch up with a friend over coffee and have a treat with them. Leaving the rest on the shelf in the cafe and not on your hips.



Eat Healthy

Make an effort to eat regular meals and healthy snacks during the holiday season. Not having a meal plan could otherwise result in overeating, grazing or making silly decisions about your daily food intake. Also make an effort to enjoy fresh in season fruits and vegetables. Try some new recipes and make them healthy choices



Challenge Yourself

Add a few extra workouts to balance out extra calorie intake. Find a blog or exercise program that will challenge you and keep you at your best. The other challenge would be don’t dread family or office Christmas parties. Do a 5 day diet and pampering, go looking your best, if you need to make that a goal.


Have A Plan

Decide what treats you like. Plan some fun stuff to do, what do the holidays mean to you? Have some R & R and catch up with people. A bit of forward planning will mean the best outcomes for you and an enjoyable holiday season.