The wonderful thing about travel is that the boundaries have been smashed. No longer seen as the elite going forth on a cruise, a plane or an automobile, the upcoming generation of new trekkers are very mobile.

Blogging also adds another layer, travellers or those partaking in a holiday, can write their adventures and recount trips with stories and photos. Here is a round up of 5 that have grabbed our attention. Some excellent individuals ranging from a Mom to a couple of guys living the dream, students doing exchange programs or a young woman taking travel as she finds it.


imageEllis goes on holiday, shares her day-trip to the Harry Potter set, plus other adventures on her blog.



Roam About Mike is a blog by an American who has visited all states in his country and enjoys overseas travel. His blog is worth a look at and he shares that his favourite European city is indeed Amsterdam.


ISA student blog, shares the stories and life from around the globe as experienced by students. A feature story is by a student from Colorado doing an overseas study stint in Galway, Ireland.


Third Eye Mom is a blog by a Mom of 2 children and a husband, they reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is doing life, travel and blogging her way and her blog is truly a delight to read.


Pursuit of Life is run by John Patterson. He has a detailed “About Me” section of his blog and is a teacher who enjoys photography. This shines through in his writing and on his blog. His blog is an enjoyable read written by someone who is an adventurer at heart.



We hope you enjoy our selection and the ideas of what others are doing.