Men are fast catching up to women in the fashion game and how to on YouTube, blogs and websites. Which is great news for men. Everybody wants to put their best face forward and these videos help achieve those goals. My advice would be to get about 3 looks practiced. Either 1 or 2 for work, 1 for going out and a relaxed look helps grooming go a long way.

The key to this look is just a couple of days growth not a full beard. With facial hair tidy and well groomed.


Probably a bit more complicated for an amateur but for the intermediate skilled man it would be all about the product.



These 2 hairstyles require hair with a bit of body and length. One of the hairstyles has a bit more movement but both of them require product.

Now as challenging as the hairstyles might be to some there is good news. Any professional will tell you knowing short cuts to make your look appear different is not impossible. Use accessories if you are not confident, a beanie or a hat/cap or even a scarf will change the look around the face without too much effort or an apprenticeship as a hairdresser.