Fitness Apps and Gadgets



Do the latest apps and gadgets really work? Yes they do. To get the most out of them it helps to know your needs. The old school way was a pen and diary or expensive medical equipment to take your heart rate. These new ideas are just a fresh way to track your accomplishments and goals.


To find the best one is easy if you have a plan. Do you want to track meals, calories and exercise? Or do you want to measure heart rate, miles and steps? The best one is the one that makes your life easy and works for you.


Greatist have a list of 49 current health and exercise apps with a brief description. The overview is comprehensive.




The winner is the one you like. Goals are easiest to achieve when their is something to aim at. Have a goal in mind or a sporting event to work towards and record your progress. Or get a snapshot of your day to day life by tracking habits. Knowledge is powerful for health and fitness goals and these gadgets make it easy to track.


This technology does not replace a trainer or a doctor if you need medical advice.