Jim Beaver



I met Jim Beaver a couple of years ago over dinner. I enjoyed his work on Supernatural and Justified. The subject came up about him looking after himself and someone asked him if he had taken his vitamins. Jim was pretty cool about it. He seems to take things in his stride and I’m sure he knows his own mind. But even to this day I have wondered to myself ” really, vitamins?”, makes for jolly conversation I guess, if somewhat an odd question.

Jim Beaver is one of those people who keeps himself busy and has a string of accomplishments under his belt. The things I find interesting is he is a film historian and has a keen interest in the history of Superman. He is also a published author with the book Life’s That Way, a memoir, under his belt.

He is one of my favourite actors. He has that strong, quite character about him even in person.

He enjoys meeting people and is chatty. He does some of the fan conventions regularly and is a fan favourite. It’s no surprise with his relaxed and caring demeanour. He is currently in Australia and appearing at the Oz Comic Con this weekend in Sydney.