Cooking and the Middle Class kitchen

Even if you try to live under a rock, there is no denying it, the world is changing. A year ago The Telegraph UK, covered a story on “How middle class is your kitchen?” The article looked at popular brands, such as the AGA cooker and Bialetti espresso maker. It is a light read but the interesting point to the article is luxury items are on the rise in sales.

What does that tell us? These items are becoming status symbols. However, before you get into your status vehicle and roar down the road with your bestie, let’s take a closer look at what you could get use out of  and dare we say, impress your friends (or even boss) and possibly get enjoyment from.

For a while now I have been using Jamie Oliver, well mostly to ‘veg out’, you know relax my mind. There are the Jamie goes to Italy, Jamie goes camping in his Kombi, Jamie cooks in 30 or even 15 minutes. The only thing I haven’t seen yet is Jamie goes to Hollywood but let’s not tempt him.

It occurred to me this week that his relaxed style of cooking could indeed be the way society is going. No fuss style of cooking and eating bring about the right combination to enjoy friends and the experience.



The cooking hobby is closely related to gardening too. Gardening can provide some lovely fresh produce and herbs are easy to grow but taste amazing.

To get yourself started let’s look at some basics;

Beverages, such as tea and coffee. Some iced water in the fridge or iced tea. Keep some ice cubes in the freezer.

Have a few staple recipes that you excell at. Think like a cafe, they usually have a cake and nibbles on hand, table water and a few basic dishes on offer.

A cafe menu would cover a broad range including;

  • A soup
  • A salad
  • Rice or a pasta dish
  • Meat based dish
  • Muesli, eggs and bacon or banana bread, if they offer breakfast
  • A dish using fresh produce, usually heavy on vegetables
  • Seafood
  • A dessert or afternoon tea option
  • Possibly a couple of wines or beverages

This is a basic list and is a wonderful starting point. If you want to do splurge on a couple of kitchen gadgets. Keep the tools you need simple.

A white and a red wine are acceptable to start with to begin your new skill/hobby. Some people do collect wine and are serious about that, including their conversation on that topic. Once you decide to learn a bit more about wine, do a couple of weekend winery drives during the year and get to know the people who make the wine. Of course adding to the wine collection is never a lost cause.


Start simple, learn presentation and enjoy your cooking experience.