In the movie Jurassic World, Bryce Dallas Howard plays high flyer corporate Claire Dearing. Emmy award winner Vivian Baker was department head for make-up. My professional opinion is she nailed the corporate make-up look. Lets look at the beauty breakdown.



Looking after your skin is the basis for everything. If you have problematic skin conditions you will need to talk to a doctor, a pharmacist or a beauty therapist.

For this film, the actress used her personal routine that had been put together by Terri Lawton. A gentle, light routine is best for most skin types. Only needing balms for winter and caring for lips with SPF sticks. A humidifier in winter helps support your skin, preventing dehydrating. A serum suitable for your skin is a wonderful pick me up year around. Do not forget your hands, neck and back of neck as your daily routine.



Georgio Armani Maestro Foundation was applied for all over coverage. Followed by a portfolio of various high end powders and blushes suitable for the conditions which they were filming under. Humidity was a big factor due to the lush rain forest required for the film. Over the counter options would include Laura Mercier (avaialable in David Jones in Australia) or Maybelline for corporate makeup. I suggest reading my breakdown on Clarins for further ideas for foundation and skin products.



Very light false eyelashes were used for the film but for corporate make-up I would lean towards a cautious choice and skip that step.

For filming purposes a professional brand was used. The palette of creme colours by Le Maquillage Professionnel Paris in the Fard Crème Palette. These colours allow the application to be built up providing a sheer or heavy finish. For over the counter either Chanel Illusion d’Ombre or Maybelline Expert wear eyeshadow. If you are unsure do plan a trip to a department store and try out these brands and products. Make-up is a big investment and daily coming into contact with your skin, it is something that is a must to get right.

Use a mascara that works for you. I have a couple I use regularly but my favourite for personal use is a mascara by Elizabeth Arden.



Again, for filming purposes, professional products were used. Mainly the brand Premiere Products Inc. Skin Illustrator Glazing Spray for lips. Clarins, Revlon or even Avon provide suitable products for corporate needs and photograph well. Again, go to a department store to try the products.

The colour for the lips was mixed giving the appearance of a blush pink or medium pink look.


The look for this movie is carried off well. Using a minimalist approach; highlighting lips, presenting eyes in a clean look and giving the skin a glowing smooth finish.




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