Men’s Grooming


It’s that time of year, albeit if you live North of the equator or South of the equator, where the change of weather is upon us. For men it is time to do a little bit of TLC and check out what you need.

For lips in winter a lip balm is a must. Apply at night and when outdoors. Particularly if you are an outdoorsman and enjoy winter sports looking after your lips is a must. If skiing or snow boarding is your thing, include SPF when outdoors in your products. In summer, SPF is still important but heavy balms are not needed as part of your grooming routine.

Beards and facial hair needed grooming regularly. We like for some excellent advice and products designed for keeping beards clean and groomed.

Don’t forget your hands, neck and the back of your neck. Again, when outdoors wind and sun damage is serious. It can also lead to skin cancer if not protected correctly.

Overall, look after your skin and you will get a lifetime of rewards from that.

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Grooming website