Hobbies – can help you get a job



Having a hobby  is not just for fun, it can help you get a job or even advance your career. Hobbies help reduce stress, help networking and social skills. 


Psychologists at San Francisco State University did a small study on a group of 350 people regarding hobbies. Their findings were published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology and largely promoted by Kevin J. Eschleman. People with hobbies rated as high or higher than 30% at getting gainful employment.

I personally have found that to be true and at several job interviews over my lifetime, was asked about hobbies that I was interested in. And yes, I did get those jobs. The great thing too, is thanks to Instagram or even Twitter, it isn’t difficult to put some of your hobbies online. That way it is provable and easy to network with others, not just relying on LinkedIn for networking.

When choosing a hobby, more than one might be a good thing. A few years ago people that played Golf at certain clubs succeeded at networking and moving forward. Having at least one of your hobbies that works well with your chosen career would be a smart move. Keeping in mind the former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was well known for his keen interest in sports. But hey, the man was employed in a job that didn’t pay too badly either.

Hobbies can help you stand out from the crowd. They can show that you are a leader or a team player, if that is what your chosen profession calls for. Take the time to pick at least one hobby that fits in nicely with your job description. This would mean a bit of research but would be worth it. I also know people who have used their hobby to get a well paying job but they did have an online presence and it was provable.

Next week we will look at hobbies in a bit more detail. But some hobbies are easy to get started in now because of new technology. Photography could start with a phone and app. Sports are considered a hobby, film and books are interesting too. Gardening could be of an interest but start slowly. If you intend to want some for the work your in do a bit of homework and see what you would enjoy.

The featured image is a book by a guy I used to work with. That started out as an interest in cooking.