Denim on Denim


The denim on denim has been a strong trend. There are a couple of rules to make it work. And there also a few tricks of the trade to give it a wow factor.

Rule 1;  the denim should not be the same shade. It can be a bit lighter or darker than the main piece. Chambray or even faded, as in the picture above, work with the darker denim.

Rule 2;  stick with neutrals, such as nude, tan, black or white for shoes.


To kick the look up a notch and give it a designer look, keep the hardware (handbags, shoes) matching. Black shoes with black handbag or tan shoes with tan handbag. Making the denim a bit more unique, such as torn, patched or frayed adds to the look. Keep the accessories and hair simple. The look is denim not looking for a black tie event. I personally find this an on trend, fun look. But could be made more refined by not being patchy or torn. Enjoy!






Photo credit to Javi Oller Photography