Simply Red

Simply Red are an English band who formed in the mid 1980’s but broke through in the very early ’90s.

Simply Red played with different sounds combining a New Romantic feel with Jazz and Reggae influences. Percussion, using slap bass technique and brass are strong influences in their music.

The lead singer Mick Hucknall hails from Manchester, England.  Whether formal education influenced their breakout style is not certain. But their history is proven to work with other styles of music ever following similar paths. That is, that the sound emerges from street influence, what the artist is listening to and also their daily lifestyle with their music.

Throughout the time that jazz evolved and Rock and Roll to what we have as pop today, they are all sounds that came from the street. Influence from the street is huge, we are seeing it again today from social media to street style. Artists draw together and listen or watch, to what is happening around them. They take time to ask themselves “what if?” in their given vocation or expertise.

Simply Red indeed went through that process. They have left a sound which is still original both in content and sound.