Swimming is a skill that is needed for a variety of sports and for safety concerns with water sports, including yachting. To start find a good instructor or class to help with your needs. The basic requirements to swimming are the ability to float, to be able to swim unassisted 25 metres or 82 feet and have basic skills in emergency situations.

These skills in swimming are not acquired instantly and are progressive.  Work through assignments given by your instructor or swimming group. Swimming is a skill for life and wonderful exercise as a person gets older due to the low impact of the sport. I personally know people in their early 80’s that still swim and enjoy good health and flexibility.

Once the skill of swimming is acquired, the next phase of water sports is more attainable, under the guidance of instructions. Water sports can need knowledge of tides, rifts and the use of life jackets. Swimming is the base for the beginning of these sports.


Photo credit given to leisurecentre.com