Josh Hutcherson

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Josh Hutcherson recently did a Twitter chat with IMDb, exciting right? Well, I thought so. Sadly it coincided with been overdosed on pain killers and meds, which went back to an old horse riding accident injury I had. Things just got so much better from there (note of sarcasm) and downhill from there. Looking back for me, but we all hope Josh is good.

First up Josh Hutcherson is promoting his movie Escobar:  Paradise Lost, where he plays a slightly darker character. To kick the question session off I called him Nick (aha that is his characters name his name is Josh! Doh!). Then I added my name was Michelle (oh my gosh who cares! Just ask the question already!). Apart from my goofing up and ridiculousness the Twitter conversation went well.




Josh chatted about how he liked exploring a darker role and he thought he was not the best surfer. A bit of surfing was required for the role and we all know the shores of Australia are dotted with surfers, being a premium world surfing destination. Here’s to fingers crossed that he keeps the surfing up and gives Australia a whirl.

Only in his early 20’s he has a proven Hollywood success story behind him. Hopefully we will see more out of his talent as the years go on and he explores different characters.




As the industry continues to grow and change, talent like Josh Hutcherson is a treasure. Building on what he has done before and carrying that with him, as he reimagines characters and new roles, is a wonderful thing. Escabor is a limited release but might be worth tracking down later to see a darker, action role.

Looking forward to the end of the year, to see this talent in action, the final instalment of The Hunger Games looms closer. If you are a hard core Josh Hutcherson fan IMDb has his filmography on file and some of those titles are easy to source now. One of my favourites is Bridge to Terabithia, a wonderful story of loss and meaning.  Thanks again to Josh for spending the time chatting with fans via Twitter. His transcript is still available on the IMDb Twitter account if you wish to check it out.