Minions Movie Review


Banana!!! is an ongoing theme in Minions. Straight off the bat Minions delivers. Just to keep the cliches going I would also add that the proof is in the pudding. By that I am referring to the audience reaction, given that it is aimed at 3 to 12 year olds and including over 30’s (for those of us who don’t want to grow up).

Geoffrey Rush leads the way as the narrator for the film. The audience that I attended with were excited even during the advertising leading up to the movie. Showing that Minions has its strong fan base. Interestingly one of the beginning lines was ” that one is Norbit,  he is an idiot “. The kids went into orbit over that, they couldn’t stop laughing and then the 3 year olds started laughing too. I’m guessing laughter is contagious.

The film has some brilliant concepts, including a fan convention which is very in at the moment. The main story is based in 1968 and the writers have not neglected to add a few historical events to keep it hip and anchored in that time period.

Minions has it’s minions and I found the audience to be electrifying in atmosphere as they squealed with delight over the story. This story is well thought out and delivers in concept. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the clever Easter egg added at the end of the credits. I am adding this one to my faves so far for the year.