You Need To Be Healthy


Not everyone is going to be a professional or amateur athlete. Not everyone aspires to be ripped. But you do need to be as healthy as you can be. This is the bit were I hate to tell you but you are going to get older. A lot of diseases and problems are preventative. In Australia it is a part of our culture to practice preventative medicine and a lot of advice is sound.

Make some simple changes. The weekly munchies and DVD night doesn’t have to go out the window but maybe include things in your day to day life instead of focusing on turning your life upside down. Make small changes.

Some weekly goals could be;

  • A 30 minute walk 5 days a week. Walking is excellent and helps prevent osteoporosis. That means when your older you won’t be spending Christmas in the hospital because you broke your hips again.
  • Drink water everyday. This also prevents dementia along with some regular exercise. Hydrate the brain and keep the blood flowing.
  • Have a green salad 1-2 times a week. Full of nutrients like Folate.
  • Introduce lifting some weights once a week. Not body building. It helps retain muscle mass over 50 and prevents osteoporosis and muscle strain.
  • Light stretching once a week. So you can pick up your groceries when you are 65.


The walking is very important. Even a 5 minute walk at a minimum of 5 days a week and you will reap health benefits. If walking is out of the question talk to your doctor about swimming, aqua aerobics and other exercise that carries body weight for muscles and bones.

Things to include in your diet is fiber, which prevents colon cancer and some oils which prevent arthritis.

Movement is life, if you don’t move and get some fruit, vegetables and fiber into your life on a weekly basis your already in trouble. Get a good doctor and see them every few months to check on you and be accountable to that doctor.

A few simple changes will mean an enjoyable life.