Dinner with Aaron Ashmore


My wife and I had the opportunity to have a delightful dinner with Aaron Ashmore.

Aaron spoke of his fondness for the cast and crew of Warehouse 13 and was disappointed with the show being cancelled after 5 seasons and just 63 episodes. I was a bit surprised with it having only 63 episodes and only 35 with Aaron in them.

He talked about a movie he had just completed. I later found out the film is an independent production called “I put a hit on you”. From what we have seen of trailers on YouTube it looks good. But either way it took a while to be released. The company did the rounds with the film festivals prior to release.  The film will be either really good or really ordinary, depending on the editing but I will let you be the judge.

Apparently Aaron has been to Australia.  He shared that during his 20’s he had a goal of doing a life experience adventure. He chose to travel up and down the east coast of Australia for a few months. He enjoyed the experience and had the thought it enriched him as an actor also. Before he came to Adelaide in 2013, he had enjoyed a few days in Melbourne with some friends.

My wife Michelle said that she is a big Supernatural fan. Aaron has worked with Jared Padelacki before  on a movie called the Christmas Cottage about the now deceased artist Thomas Kinkade. He spoke very highly of both Jared and Jensen.

He does work out a bit  and follows a meal plan. He makes sure that he gets plenty of rest. He said that you have to have discipline. Discipline is an important part of his career.

During the meal we enjoyed a few beers and Aaron spoke of his fondness for both mass produced beers and especially some of the boutique beers that are being produced in Canada, Australia and The USA. we chatted about the popularity of boutique beers now. He came across as a nice guy and a well rounded person with interesting life experiences.


The featured photo is Aaron Ashmore and his wife at an industry awards event. He is currently starring in the Syfy channel’s new show Killjoys that is premiering this month.