Tomorrowland Movie Review

The Walt Disney Studios movie Tomorrowland is an exciting twist on the Sci-Fi and action movie genre. There are hints to the story of the sanitised Disney style writing but it has an edge and darkness to it that provides tension and conflict. The characters, Casey Newton and Frank Walker have had polarised life experiences. Each character reflects their life view as they share their experiences and life story with the audience.

Casey is a teen with a bend to technical interests and science, with a strong personal optimistic view on life. Frank draws his pessimistic view from life experiences, that in his view didn’t always go his way. Together they draw on their strengths and weaknesses to meet adversity head on. The storyline is good as it draws the audience in and develops the characters, in a realistic way. I found the characters to be likeable and I enjoyed the movie.

Likewise the science behind the story of Tomorrowland seemed sound. This is a credit to their writing team. Especially when I watch a lot of Sci-Fi and at times find the science to be wrong, lacking or just lazy research. Tomorrowland is directed by Brad Bird and would be a movie you would want to enjoy on the big screen.