No other filmmaker compares to Hayao Miyazaki. Hayao Miyazaki was born in Tokyo in 1941 this was during the Second World War. To Katsuji Miyazaki the second of four sons. His childhood in Japan is reflected in his work. A strong anti-war message, pro-environment as well as have strong female characters in most of his films if not all. He founded Studio Ghibili in 1985 with Isao Takahata.

His anti-war message and strong female characters can be seen in Porco Rosso. The story takes place between the first and second world wars. The main character is sea plane pilot who is cursed somehow to look like a pig. He had some feuds with other seas plane pilots. His plane gets damaged and he wants rebuilt by one of his closes friends in Milan. While there he has to avoid the Italian secret police. His plane is redesigned by a young female designer and completely rebuilt by his old friends completely female workforce.

Howl’s Moving Castle is a touching love story of a woman who is cursed by an old witch, turns her into an old woman. The male lead is a handsome young wizard without a heart. War is upon them and it shows the damage to both the environment and the people.

His most controversial work was his last directed feature film, I regard this film as a deeply personal film for him titled The Wind Rises. About a young man who wants and dreams about being an aircraft designer before World War 2. He falls in love with a young lady he helps rescue from an earthquake. It was claimed this was very anti-Japanese, but I don’t see that. I believe he was trying to reflect his own father’s life and work.

In the history of animation no other person has directed more animated feature films, he has directed 11 feature films. They call him the Japanese Walt Disney I prefer Walt Disney is the American Hayao Miyazaki. He has retired from film making but his studio continues to make feature films. It takes 4 to 5 years to make each feature film. He creates the storyboards and guilds the animation. As long as there is animated films people will remember Hayoa Miyazaki.

I would advise people to watch his films in release order, but this is only a recommendation. Each film is well crafted on it’s own. Never will a man so influence an art-form as Hayao Miyazaki does to animation. Out of the 11 films he has directed there are no bad films. I have seen countdowns of animated films they excluded Hayao Miyazaki to have more balanced countdown.

Comparing Hayao Miyazaki work to Saturday morning cartoons, is like comparing Mozart to myself a tone deaf noise polluter. His artistry is beyond compare his stories are rich and vibrant. The music that accompanies the films is prefect in every way. Each character leaps off the screen and takes you back to your imagination of childhood. His animated feature films are not just for children they are for the young of heart.